What Happened?

It’s been 6 months since my last journal entry, given that back in November, I figured that most of my posts would be from on the road in Iran, Turkmenistan, and the rest of Central Asia. And as you can imagine, since I’m not writing from those countries after getting trapped there by quarantines or lock-downs, 9,000 km of Silk has been very much postponed since April.

It took the better part of a month to get over my despondence and low spirits after getting through April, imagining what could’ve been. The plan was to leave on 4 April and take a little over 3 weeks to complete all 9,000 km around the Caspian Sea.

Now, like many other overlanders, I’m checking Caravanistan regularly for updates on border openings.

My most optimistic expectations put me back on the road somewhere between late summer and December of this year. Pessimistically, I expect to do the trip in early Spring of 2021. I also have extremely bleak scenarios swirling around in my head of permanent mandatory quarantines, hugely delayed or even closed borders, and other draconian measures that could stay in place for even longer. But there’s nothing I can do about that, so I’m going to show you some of the things I’ve done in lieu of 9k of Silk.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the things I’ve been generally bad at, even with a 9,000 km trip across deserts on my hands, was camping. I’ve just never really done it seriously and on the road, it mostly turns into an experiment of failure.

So now, every weekend, I’m looking for parts unknown on my home base in the Levant far away from civilization and people to create a good camping experience.

Turns out, I can still mess up a camping right at home! On my first trip out, I didn’t bring water or even matches to start a fire.

No shortage of fresh, clean spring water here!

Luckily, I was far from dehydration because of a fantastic little spring right at the camp site. The water tasted better than any bottled spring water!

Check out the video below to see how I was able to start a fire without any lighter, matches, or a flint!

Killing Time Just to Ride

Besides camping, I am diving head first into Enduro and general off-roading training. The biggest silver lining to all of this is that I think I will get way more prepared than I would have been in April.

Stay tuned for more videos.

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